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Award winning experienced Director of Photography with extensive production
experience and expertise in lighting. Shoots in 8K, 6K, 4K and HD digital formats as well as
S16/35mm film. Randall collaborates well with directors, clients and production staff. He works
quickly and creatively on location or in studio. He has broad experience in a wide range of work
including: documentary, dramatic, corporate, and commercial genres. FAA Licensed Drone Pilot.



Earth – “Intelligence” and “Inferno” Series BBC/PBS
The Problem with Jon Stewart - Series Apple +
Duke of Edinburgh - Interview with Prince Harry - BBC/PBS
China – BBC/PBS
Redbull Stratos (The Man who jumped from Space) - YouTube
Power of Big Oil – PBS Frontline
Giants Rising – feature documentary
Broad Ambition – Interview with Vice President Kamala Harris
Origins (of Covid-19) – BBC /PBS

Drain the Oceans – Nat. Geo

Killers of the Cosmos – Discovery

Iran Hostage Crisis – BBC

Fire in Paradise – PBS/Frontline (Emmy nominated)

Women in Politics – indie doc.

Long Gone Wild – Amazon

The Record Plant, Sausalito – indie doc.

Brain Secrets – PBS

Buried Secrets of the Bible – Nat. Geo

Mysteries at the Museum –  Travel Channel

Silver Tsunami – PBS

The Children of Willesden Lane – indie doc.

Hiroshima – Smithsonian Channel

Through the Wormhole (host Morgan Freeman) – 6 episodes – Discovery

Unusual Suspects – Season 7 / Discovery ID


Luxury – BBC Current Affairs

The Warren Commission – indie doc.

Power and the Woman’s World – BBC

U.S. Cops – Sky News Long Form Unit

Koko the Signing Gorilla – BBC Natural History

Jimi Hendrix – Showtime  

Christianity and Gay Rights –  BBC/PBS

American Icons – Alcatraz – Travel Channel

America’s Book of Secrets –  History

Push Girls – Season 2 – Sundance Channel  

Inside Darpa – National Geographic  

The Universe – History

The Future – 3 part science series BBC/Discovery  

42 Ways to Kill Hitler –  National Geographic 

The Devil’s Bible – National Geographic

Weird Connections – Discovery  26 part series

Mark Twain – “Innocents Abroad” – History

Hollywood’s Greatest Directors – HBO Europe  

Wired Science – PBS Science Series             

Hollywood Greats:  Spielberg at 60 – BBC

Secret Soldiers of the Civil War – History

Dogfights – series History

The Hunt for John Wilkes Booth – National Geographic  

Dire Wolves – Discovery

Earthstory - 6 part BBC series (US/Mexico)

Horizon - BBC science series - 10 seasons

Penn and Teller – HBO Series – 3 seasons

Tales from the Jungle: Margret Mead – Discovery

Alien Life on Earth – Discovery  

Imagine: Bruce Neuman – BBC Series 

40th Anniversary of Mary Poppins – ABC/Disney   

Unsolved Mysteries - NBC 

5 seasons - over 60 on-air hours of drama (NBC & Lifetime)

The Making of “The Incredibles” – Pixar

The Making of “Treasure Planet” – Disney

The Making of “Monsters Inc.” – Disney/Pixar

The Planets – Discovery  6 part series

Fires of the Mind– Discovery 4 hour series 

Amazing Race (conclusion) –  series –lead D.P.

Stanford Prison Study –  Discovery/BBC  one hour

War in the Next Millenium – 3 hour series PBS

Mystery of the Desert Mummies – Discovery

Cosmic Safari -  Discovery

Our Savage Sun -  Discovery

Top Ten 60’s Soul –  Chrysalis Television ten part series

Walking with Dinosaurs – The Making of BBC/Discovery

National Geographic Explorer – National Geographic   

Tomorrow's World - BBC series                      

The 10,000 Year Test - PBS/BBC                                        

Labeled Disabled - PBS/BBC documentary

Sharks - National Geographic

Hawaii - Continuing Traditions - PBS Special

Alaska - The Yupik Eskimos - PBS Special

La Gioconda; The Making of an Opera - PBS Special

The Hopi  - PBS documentary

The Navajo - PBS documentary

Heart - PBS Special (Maysles Films)

Star Wars: The Making of a Saga – Lucasfilm/NBC 




Matrix 4 – Warner Bros. (C camera), Lana Wachowski director

Blackthorne – Sanchez & Hunt Directors

Little City – Miramax,  Roberto Benabib Director

Sense 8 – Netflix series (B cam.) The Wachowski’s Directors

Chance – Hulu Series, Splinter Unit DP & C Camera Operator

Steve Jobs –Camera Operator (addt’l) - Danny Boyle Director

Pitch – Fox TV Series “ C” Camera Operator

San Andreas – Camera Operator (additional, FX unit)

Behind the Screams – 6 episodes / Reelz Network

Trauma – NBC/Universal TV series – “C” camera operator all episodes

Washington the Warrior – 2 hour special History Channel shot in Europe

Washington’s Generals –  6 part series History Channel shot in Europe

August Rush -  Warner Brothers  2nd Unit  -  Kirsten Sheridan Director

Woman on Top:  Fox Searchlight Films 2nd unit - Fina Torres Director

Nash Bridges - CBS series 5 seasons Paramount Pictures - 2nd unit D.P.

Crucifixion – History Channel  2 hour special 

Wives With Knives – 2 full seasons, 14 episodes  – Discovery

Best Shots – feature film – Doug Lodato Director

I Almost Got Away With It – 7 full seasons, 81 episodes – Discovery HD & 3D

Cuff Me If You Can  – 6 episodes – Discovery

What If...  – Discovery shot in International Locations

Moments in Time  - 10 part Discovery series shot in Europe & Morocco









Capitol One













United Airlines                    












Treasury Wine Estates

Grape Commission    


Williams - Sonoma                      Mervyns                                                     

Convergent                               Disney                                                         Chrysler

S.F. Chronicle                    

Kaiser Permanente             


Nat'l  Semiconductor          

Bristol Meyer Squibb

LSI Logic                                KPMG                                                         Genentech     


Academy of Sciences

American Express

The Gap                                                        Tektronix                                                     P.G. & E.



Bank of America                                             K Mart

Crest                                                               Kikkoman Soy Sauce

KGO-TV                                                          VISA

Chevrolet                                                        Guarantee Savings

Wesson Oil                                                     Muscle Milk

Oakland A's                                                    Independent Health

Dodge                                                             Safeway

Toshiba                                                           Harrah's

ABC Network                                                  KTVU - TV     

Great American Savings                                 Deer Valley Wines

Hidden Valley Ranch                                      Roman Meal

Northern California GMC Dealers                   Cost Plus       

Philips                                                             Western N.Y. Chevrolet dealers

Hewlett Packard                                             Inglenook

Lighting, Green Screen, Remote Interviews, Crew Organization, Hand Held, Long Lens work
4K Drone Pilot (FAA part 107 License)


Sony FX9 camera package w/8 lenses (11-300mm), Fujinon Zooms,
Sigma Art Primes, client monitors, matte box, follow focus, wireless HD transmit system,
Zoom capable, O’Connor tripod, DJI Ronin SC Pro Gimbal, 2 nd camera, LED lighting, grip
packages, equipment van, 9x12 green screen, 4K DJI Drone, etc.


Films that I shot have received over 125 National and International Awards


B.A., U.C. Berkeley (with highest honors)

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