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Client Reviews





"Randy is an amazing DP with a brilliant eye for lighting and composition. I’ve worked with Randy to produce than 50 hours of cable network and corporate video content. I know him to be a highly creative, efficient, and solution oriented DP who will make the most of any budget and timeline".


Jon Taylor Producer / Director EMC Corporation




“Randall is the first call you should make if you want to shoot in San Franciso / Northern California. Not only is he one of the best DOP’s I’ve ever worked with, he will make sure your shoot goes as smoothly as possible – offering advice on locations, transport, hotels and other crew.   His local knowledge, attention to detail while filming and level of care to contributors makes him a real asset to any team.  He’s an absolute pleasure to work with and a real professional – I can’t wait to work with him again in the near future.”

Lorraine McKechnie, Producer – Finestripe Productions UK



“Randy is an absolute pleasure to work with.  A consummate professional and a joy to collaborate with; he brings his vast experience to deliver the very best possible creative.”


Christopher Knox, Producer (PGA)




“ It was a pleasure working with Randy on the Reelz series “Behind the Screams”. No matter the timeframe, scenario, setup or challenge, his answer was always a positive “ anything is possible”.  And, he would provide multiple creative ideas and solutions for each scene.  Randy’s deep ability to create and to capture powerful imagery is paired with his drive to meet schedule and budget parameters make him an asset to any production.   He’s a wonderful collaborator with the eye of a DP and the mindset of a producer - I look forward to working with him again.”


Karey Green, Director




“Randy is the consummate pro.   Talented, experienced and dependable.  I never worry about the image when Randy is on set.  He is very easy to collaborate with and next seems to let the stress of the shoot affect him.   It’s no wonder he is in such demand.”


Lou Wirth,  Producer/Editor




"I love working with Randy…He is extremely creative and an excellent collaborator…I have learned much valuable information from him…whenever I am faced with tough budget and schedule constraints he has a way of taking them into account without compromising the quality of the work…he always makes me look good!"


Evan Cecil, Director

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